ARC Reef

ARC reef is one of our favorite dive sites closer to shore that is suitable for any dive certification level and still a lot of fun.  Approximately 15 miles offshore at max depth of 60 feet and 14 different mini-sites to choose from within the ARC reef site, there’s something here for everyone! There is a site with a barge, many sites made up of concrete culverts (a favorite hiding spot for large goliath grouper!), cement pilings, tetrahedrons, concrete boxes & risers, 3 25 foot steel cell phone towers, reef balls, concrete rubble & rock and a 58′ steel boat, the “Seaguard”.

There is abundant marine life at ARC, even though it is a very public fishing and dive site. We frequently take spearfishing trips to ARC and our divers come up with “keepers” almost every single time! Red grouper and snapper are frequently seen here, as well as the occasional lobster. If you’re looking for turtles, we’ve spotted some gigantic ones here and most are relatively happy to take a selfie with our divers! Are you a shark fan? We frequently see harmless nurse sharks hanging out at ARC!  This dive site has a little bit of something for everyone.  It’s almost impossible to not have a great time here!