Offshore Fishing

Fort Myers / Sanibel / Captiva Offshore Fishing Charters

Southwest Florida is home to some of the finest world-class diving and fishing that the entire COUNTRY has to offer. Each year, literally millions of people visit our great waters and experience fishing and diving adventures that some people only DREAM of. While every angler loves the thrill of that first nibble on a line in the water no matter the location, there is simply nothing quite like fishing offshore in the deep sea of Southwest Florida & the Gulf of Mexico! Fort Myers offshore fishing and diving charters through H2O Offshore Adventures are a great way to spend time on the water with a skilled USCG Captain that has been fishing and diving the local offshore waters for over 15 years! In fact, deep sea fishing and diving are his specialty.

Our waters are home to some of the finest marine life in the entire country, and we’d like you to experience it with us!  Just offshore, you can experience the thrill of the fight of an enormous black or red grouper which you can take home and have for dinner – or you can go after the monster of all monsters: the GOLIATH grouper. These monstrous fish can (and sometimes have) pulled the strongest anglers into the water – so buckle up and get ready for the fight of a lifetime! Unfortunately, the Goliath grouper is a protected species and can’t be taken out of the water – but we’ll be sure to get a selfie with you and your prized catch while it’s still in the water next to the boat!  We take you offshore to some of the best spots that Captain Ant has found over his career and are not over fished public areas. In some of our locations, we’ve never seen another boat within MILES!  Don’t waste your hard earned money going to the “public” fishing spots where there are sometimes 10 or more other boats fishing.

This photo is the “kill shot” from a recent charter (and is a “limited out” day – meaning that this is the maximum number of “keepers” for the number of anglers on board).  We filleted these for our guests once we made it back to the dock and they had them for dinner that evening! This could be on your table after your charter with H2O Offshore Adventures as well!

Aside from these excellent fish, our waters are also home to many types of snapper, sheepshead, greater amberjack, barracuda, and multiple species of sharks.  Sharks are great fun!  Our area is home to black tips, nurse sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks – and even the king of all sharks, the Great White, has been tagged swimming in our waters! Fort Myers offshore fishing charters through H2O Offshore Adventures gives you the best odds in landing the “big one”!

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